[Healeys] Frogeye value

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I couldn't agree more about the big Healey folks needing to experience
driving a Bugeye.  It is the second most fun car I have ever driven, behind
an original Austin Mini Cooper S which a friend of mine had when we were in
college.  I have a Bugeye that has been sitting in my garage for  4 years
waiting for the time and money to restore it. I have owned my 1959 AH 3000
for over 41 years but I can't wait to experience a Bugeye once again.
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A solid frogeye is a rarity in the UK.  I was amazed 30 yrs ago at some of
the basket cases they were restoring doing huge amounts of metalwork on cars
that would have been junked over here.  I can see how one with good floors
like this would fetch a premium there.  Big Healey owners who have never
driven a bugeye/frogeye owe themselves a drive.  After all, it was DMH's
favorite car. 
:-).  (Full disclosure:  A bugeye was my first car in 1967 and I've owned my
present one since 1977.

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