[Healeys] Knock off grease

Ron Mitchell healeyron at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 19 20:52:53 MST 2012

I use GoJo.  I've had success with it as long as you do it before washing and
drying.  Once it goes through a wash cycle forget it.  I usually take an old
tooth brush and work the GoJo into the stain.  Then rinse it in the sink using
cold water.  If it isn't all out then repeat until the grease stain is gone. 
Works for me.

Ron Mitchell

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Subject: Re: [Healeys] Knock off grease
have first used moly grease then switched to anti-sieze, my observtions:

I went to the anti-sieze because it didn't tend to leach out onto the spokes
on long hot trips and make a mess like the grease did.

2.  I have always
whacked my knock-offs on pretty hard, not to start that discussion again, but
will say I never had any trouble getting the wheel off (or knock off) with
either grease or anti-seize, did have trouble when I first bought cars and
they had not had the wheels off for a long time and or some sort of
lubricant/protectant had not been used.

3.  What's the secret to getting
grease stains out of your t-shirts?, I get rings that won't come out from
either one. I can get out oil stains if the oil wasn't to dirty to start with,
but whatever I have had on the splines was always pretty much permanent.

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