[Healeys] Knock off grease

Greg Lemon glemon at neb.rr.com
Mon Nov 19 17:31:52 MST 2012

I have first used moly grease then switched to anti-sieze, my observtions:

1.  I went to the anti-sieze because it didn't tend to leach out onto the 
spokes on long hot trips and make a mess like the grease did.

2.  I have always whacked my knock-offs on pretty hard, not to start that 
discussion again, but will say I never had any trouble getting the wheel off 
(or knock off) with either grease or anti-seize, did have trouble when I 
first bought cars and they had not had the wheels off for a long time and or 
some sort of lubricant/protectant had not been used.

3.  What's the secret to getting grease stains out of your t-shirts?, I get 
rings that won't come out from either one. I can get out oil stains if the 
oil wasn't to dirty to start with, but whatever I have had on the splines 
was always pretty much permanent.

Greg Lemon

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