[Healeys] Cam and crank gear timing update

David Porter frogeye at porterscustom.com
Sun Nov 11 17:21:50 MST 2012

The original discussion was about setting the cam in worse case
circumstances. No marks, repositioned keyway, etc. And even then it was
trial and error at best. Plus or minus a tooth.
 Relative to adjusting the lash the beauty of this knowledge you now
possess, one can adjust the valves (from any point in the firing order)
without any extra rotations of the engine. 

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Your description refers to #4 cylinder being at the end of the exhaust
& at TDC both of #4's valves will be partially open.
But Bill's message refers to #4 cylinder being on the compression stroke &
neither of #4's valves are open.
In your scenario, we would be adjusting the valves on #1 cylinder. In Bill's
scenario we would be adjusting the valves on #4 cylinder.
I thought the discussion was about setting the cam timing!

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