[Healeys] bending exhaust down pipes

David Lodge emmgeeteecee at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 11 13:06:36 MST 2012

There's an article somewhere that tells you to avoid kinks by filling the pipe
with dry sand.  Haven't tried it myself but it's probably Googleable.
Regards, D

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Hello John, I have zero experiance with bending machines but there is a
procedure done w/OA torch called a wrincle bend that might be more
controlable. Make a red hot ring around pipe at the place you want the bend,
place the pipe in a vise or other leveragable position and give it a yank in
direction of needed bend. A slight bulge will appear on inside radius but not
a kink. If more bend is needed, heat another ring next to first and repeat,
etc. I've made decent looking 900 bends this way, not unlike store bought
pipes that have bends with a washboard look.

On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 11:23 PM EST john spaur wrote:

>I need to adjust my pre-shaped exhaust down pipes and I have access to a
hydraulic pipe bender. I have experimented a little and when I bend a pipe it
does not seem to go in the direction I would expect it to go.
>Are there any trade secrets or tricks to figuring out how to get a pipe bent
a few degrees in a predictable direction?
>Thank you,
>John Spaur
>San Jose, CA
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