[Healeys] Steering wheel restoration

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Repairing the cracks is easy.  Getting them not to crack again is
hard.  I tried the repair using PC7 and it came out quite nice, but it cracked
again within a year.  The cracks need to be undercut in an upside down V to
give the epoxy something to stick to and I'm thinking I didn't make my "Vs"
wide enough.  I'd be interested in hearing if someone else had better luck.  I
just decided to call Mike Lempert.

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Subject: [Healeys] Steering wheel restoration
The Bluemel's
16.6" steering wheel on my very early BN1, although
structurally sound. is in
poor condition. The rim is badly cracked and
faded with some fairly
substantial hunks missing, very little of the
original coating on the hub
remains however, fortunately, the chrome on the
spokes is in excellent
Repro wheels of this type are unavailable so I'm considering trying
restore the one I have.
I see that Eastwood sells a "Steering Wheel
I'm considering starting there.
Does anyone have experience with this kit or
any other advice before I
start this project.

Many thanks,

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