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Thanks Mark

And to all of the other list members who replied  with the link details.

I think that you are correct when you state that the most car nuts  are also
into vintage aircraft as well as cars.

I know that I enjoy them and one of my most enjoyable experiences was
attending the Oshkosh air show back in 1996 in the company of Neil Anderson
(Hi Neal if you are on the list) on our way to the 1996 Conclave meeting.

Incidentally we hadn't booked any accomodation for the night on the way to the
Healey meet and what with the airshow and a fishing competition on Lake
Michigan no beds were to be had and we alternated drivers until 5.00 am the
next morning when we finally found a bed about 40 miles from our destination.

Interesting drive in the Healey wrong side of the road heading north to round
the lake and come back south on a road I had never seen before in my life with
the gear change on the wrong side.

Re the restoration of the Mosquito bomber I thought one had been restored here
in Melbourne and was back in the air, as I visited the RAAF museum here in
Melbourne a few years back and they were restoring a Mosquito at that time. I
have tried to check on line what happened with this plane but can find nothing
on it at this stage so assume it may still be a work in progress

Cheers from down under

Graeme  Molony (BJ8)
 3 Marabou  Mews
Mount Martha
Vic 3934

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