[Healeys] Non Healey Related -Mosquito Flies Again

Mark Donaldson ardmorebusiness at xtra.co.nz
Thu Nov 1 19:14:06 MDT 2012

Hi Graeme,


It was ex-pat Kiwi, Mike Salter, who posted the link. Mike is
ex-RNZAF, so I bet he's enjoying this.  Here is the TVNZ News link he




I hope Listers won't mind me adding a bit more.  Most cars nuts I know
just love vintage aircraft too. And some of us have worked in


I live just a mile from the Ardmore aerodrome, which is the busiest in
NZ and also the home of the NZ Warbirds.  I saw KA114 being rebuilt.
I was lucky enough to be on the airfield when she returned from a
shake-down flight back from Auckland International Airport on Friday
28th September.  She touched down right in front of me, preceded a few
minutes earlier by owner Gerry Yagen in his private jet.


Returned from AIA to Ardmore, Friday 28th Sept.

In the following video clip I am in the group of spectators at 1:42.
The jet at 2:12 is Gerry Yagen.   Note the Mosquito bears his personal
registration EGY.





The big celebration on Saturday, 29th Sept.  

Spitfire, Mossie, Kittihawk and Mustang.  All Ardmore residents.

There are two more Mosquito restorations under way.  KA114 is just the




Crank up the volume and enjoy!





Auckland, NZ





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Hi Listers


Sorry to bother you but I unfortunately deleted the email from one of
the list

members ( New Zealand I think) who provided a connection to the You
Tube video

of the Mosquito Bomber that was recently restored in NZ.


If any one has the connection would appreciate the contact details






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