[Healeys] A bit of tuning advice

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Wed Jun 30 19:26:05 MDT 2010

<< Slight leaks can be compensated for at idle.... >>

As I feel relatively sure that Martin & Rick will back me here,
Alan, NO SUCH ANIMAL.  NOR do they STAY "small".

Then ADD the FACT that the problem is NOT fixed..........!?!

In my 'short' term of working on anything, I have NEVER seen
a "self-healing" "problem" <G> !!  Perhaps you have better luck ?!?


PS:  And while I have Group's attention, might I ask WHY Paul, Kees, 
Rick, Martin, and yourself in dire need of eMail going to
The List ANYWAY - in this case it would be minimum of FOURTH
[4th] post THEY all have had their mailboxes clogged up with for
ZERO reason ???  And the MAJORITY of the group is just as
guilty as you in NOT cleaning up their OUT mail<G><G>!!

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