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Martin -

Slight leaks can be compensated for at idle....


On 7/1/10, Martin Jansen <jule_enterprisesah at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I would like to point out two things: It was reported the car idled fine
> which
> would suggest there is no vacuum leak. Secondly, all welding equipment and
> propane are equipped with an adjustable valve mechanism which controls the
> amount of gas that is leaving the container.
> I guess if you  have a hand fisted approach you probably will blow yourself
> up. This is why it is called a skilled trade. I have been the auto repair
> industry for over 40 years. I have seen it done countless times and done it
> myself without a problem. this is one of the ways to find a vacuum leak.
> WD40
> is a flammable substance as well. Common sense is always a necessary element
> in any auto repair.
> The engine is running. The fan of the engine is running theerfore the rad
> fan
> is blowing air across the motor thus reducing the chance of pocketing
> flammable gas. this type of test will take less then 15 -20 seconds to do.
> Happy Healeying,   Marty  www.jule-enterprises.com
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