[Healeys] A bit of tuning advice

Richard Ewald richard.ewald at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 08:16:44 MDT 2010

That is actually how is it supposed to be done.  Professional mechanics use
a tool that screws on top of a small (hand held) propane bottle with a hose
and a push button.  Put the hose near the area you want to check for a
vacuum leak and push the button.  Idle changes = leak.
This is far safer than the commonly use spray carb cleaner or WD-40 all over
the engine.  I have seen more than one guy set an engine on fire that way.

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 11:24 PM, Oudesluys <coudesluijs at chello.nl> wrote:

> Jezus, are you out of your mind, highly dangerous with sparks from the
> distributor around and possible blow back. Use a bit of WD40 instead, but
> still be carefull.
> Kees Oudesluijs
> NL
> Martin Jansen wrote:
>> A quick way to check for intake leak -while engine is running take a
>> welder's
>> torch or a propane torch turn the acetylene gas or propane gas do not
>> light,
>> run the nozzle around the carb connections and around the intake  manifold
>> connections. If engine speed increase you have a leak.
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