[Healeys] Speaking of generators

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Sun Jun 27 07:08:56 MDT 2010

Most likely a dealer swap of a defective generator before the car was sold 
or some such similar occurrence.

Reminds me of a discussion I've had more than once about restoration. One 
must decide what point in the car's life is to be represented to do an 
accurate restoration. There are cars out there with incredible histories, 
that were simply standard production cars when they left the factory, and 
became known for much more later in their life.

Rich Chrysler

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> My 62 BT7 generator is black and according to the original owner (my 
> brother)
> has always been black.  When I restored the car, I could find no evidence 
> of
> there ever being any engine color on it.  He says it has never been 
> changed
> and the nos. are correct.  Is there a possibility that the factory had a
> faulty generator and just took one off the shelf, unpainted?  I just left 
> it
> black, because of what my brother told me.  What do you think?
> Jim Nichols
> 62 BT7 Tri
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