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Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sat Jun 26 21:50:54 MDT 2010

Welcome to the List.  Yes, it's a rehash, but it's a slow news day.

The consensus now is that most 20W-50 oils probably have (just) enough 
ZDDP for our flat tappet valve trains (although some manufacturers may 
have cut back the amount from earlier formulations).  There aren't any 
modern, catalytic converter-equipped cars that use such a heavy 
oil--most use 5W-30 or 10W-30 and some Hondas and Fords  use 5W-20--so 
20W-50 was apparently exempted from the new regs (or simply overlooked).

Valvoline Racing Oil--the 'street legal' version--probably has enough 
ZDDP that you could use it straight, without any additive.   You'll want 
to change your oil at least once a year regardless of how much/often you 
drive your car, so you could put in 12 of 16ozs of the additive when you 
change the oil, then the other 4oz when you add a qt. (assuming the 
additive comes in pint bottles).  Or just dump it all in when you change 
the oil and don't worry about it.  Or just use the Valvoline and don't 
worry about it.

A quart every 3-400 miles is a bit much, even for a Healey.  Are you 
burning it, or just marking your territory?


Greg Mandas wrote:
> As the newbie on the list I think I'm heading into another controversy/rehash, but speaking of oil and ZDDP....
> I've owned my car one year. I've driven it around 800 (est) miles. I did one oil change when I first got it on the road last summer at which time I mixed in prescribed amount of ZDDP adaptive.  I burn/loose about a quart every 3-400 (est) miles at which time I add a quart of Valvoline Racing oil which has ZDDP.
> Does Valvoline Racing oil have enough ZDDP? 
> Should I mix in some additive with every quart? 
> Am I missing something?
> Greg

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