[Healeys] back-firing BN2

Alan Seigrist healey.nut at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 01:50:04 MDT 2010

Sounds to me like you have either an ignition - electrical problem or
fuel starvation.

After your car goes pop pop, shut off the motor immediately and open
up the top of both float bowls. If either chamber is empty that is
your problem.

If both float chambers are full, then start chasing down the dizzy cap
/ rotor / coil / condensor.


On 6/24/10, kaynmike.bham at juno.com <kaynmike.bham at juno.com> wrote:
> A little snapping once in awhile. Then I put the car away Sunday night, go
> out
> Tuesday afternoon to go get a six pack. (Of Coke, of course.)Hit the button
> and, as ever, it fires right up and idles pretty fine. A little flat spot
> here
> and there at idle. Oil pressure is great, so I rev it up a bit-we're still
> in
> the open-doored garage-and it backfires "POW!" I back off for a couple of
> seconds and give it a little kick and "POP, pop Poppity pop POW snap, snap,
> POW!. I drop it back to idle and still quite smooth, save for a tiny hiccup
> every few seconds. I figure lets get it out of the yard and onto the
> residential street in front of my house. I could barely make it up the
> little
> hill that's part of this little circuit.   Any ideas?    Mike Gougeon
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