[Healeys] back-firing BN2

kaynmike.bham at juno.com kaynmike.bham at juno.com
Wed Jun 23 22:40:58 MDT 2010

A little snapping once in awhile. Then I put the car away Sunday night, go out
Tuesday afternoon to go get a six pack. (Of Coke, of course.)Hit the button
and, as ever, it fires right up and idles pretty fine. A little flat spot here
and there at idle. Oil pressure is great, so I rev it up a bit-we're still in
the open-doored garage-and it backfires "POW!" I back off for a couple of
seconds and give it a little kick and "POP, pop Poppity pop POW snap, snap,
POW!. I drop it back to idle and still quite smooth, save for a tiny hiccup
every few seconds. I figure lets get it out of the yard and onto the
residential street in front of my house. I could barely make it up the little
hill that's part of this little circuit.   Any ideas?    Mike Gougeon

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