[Healeys] Timing cover oil seal leak

S and T Miller stmiller96 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 13 18:49:11 MDT 2010

I was careful to make sure the seal was centered by installing three bolts
very loose and installing the pulley to center the whole cover.  Now I did
have gasket sealer on both sides of the timing cover gasket, and maybe it
could have inhibited the centering, but I was as careful as I could be.
Snugged the three bolt and then installed the rest.  It wasn't real easy to do
with the engine in the car.  I even put a small amount of silicone sealant
around the oil seal.

I am just at a loss to why it is still leaking. That is why I think it could
be a pressure thing.  Just not sure.

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> Subject: Re: [Healeys] Timing cover oil seal leak
> Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 16:56:22 -0400
> I know that allowing the new seal installation in a timing cover to "find"
> it's own centering position is critical to having the seal not leak. It's
> very easy to accidentally allow the tightening of the timing cover bolts to
> draw the cover, and therefore the seal, off centre, in which case it will
> leak badly.
> Rich
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> From: "S and T Miller" <stmiller96 at hotmail.com>
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> Subject: [Healeys] Timing cover oil seal leak
> > The problem: My 57' 100-6 leaks oil from the front timing cover oil seal
> > which gets on the pulley and flings the oil inside the engine comp and
> > onto
> > the underside of the bonnet. It doesn't do it all the time, but SEEMS to
> > do
> > it when driven harder and longer.
> > What I have done: I removed and replaced the timing cover oil seal (Moss)
> > and
> > inspected the pully flange surface- it looked ok (no major pitting or
> > grooves). Now it Still leaks as much oil as before. I have blown through
> > the
> > air filter hose back through the engine to make sure nothing is clooged
> > and it
> > seems fine.
> > What I think may be the issue: Since it SEEMS to do it when driven
> > harder,
> > meaning after a harder accel. you can hear the belt slip because oil just
> > got
> > on it, then the slipping noise goes away as the oil is flung off the belt.
> > I
> > think that the engines internal pressure is pushing oil past the seal? I
> > know
> > there was alot of talk about the PCV valve to help with the rear main
> > leaking
> > issue, but has anyone run into the issue with the front timing cover
> > BTW- I do have the rear main seal kit installed. Could that be doing its
> > job
> > and forcing the oil out the front?
> > Any thoughts?
> > The Millers

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