[Healeys] SOS oil pressure issues

Mr. Bill bn1 at pacbell.net
Sun Jun 13 11:08:08 MDT 2010


First try "burping" the spin on oil filter.  Loosen the filter and turn 
the engine over until a little oil leaks out the bottom.  Tighten the 
filter back up and try it again.  This is the easiest and many times all 
that is needed with a spin on filter.

Bill Barnett
'53 Red Car

On 6/13/2010 04:39 AM, Allen Miller wrote:
> Thanks to all of you for your help. I thought it might be a good idea to list all the possibilities and post them to the Forum so that there is a useful checklist for fixing the issues. Here are your inputs, all of which bear investigation. If anyone else has another suggestion, I will include that as well in a post to the Healey Forum (which I am learning to use after a few years of unblissful ignorance it exists).
> 1. prime the pump by all means possible (through top filler in rocker,  through oil pressure gauge port, or by pumping under pressure through the external oil lines, etc.
> 2. purge oil lines leading to and from oil cooler of air
> 3. check for blockages in galleries
> 4. ensure builder put back any end plugs to oil galleries
> 5. make sure drive spindle is in place for oil pump; verify pump engaged with cam gearing
> 6. ensure spin on adapter is upside-up
> 7. pray to Lucas, bastard child of Vulcan and Venus
> I am sure one or all of the above will help
> Allen Miller
> BN2/M

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