[Healeys] Look who's back home

Bert Van Brande bertvanbrande at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 12 21:49:10 MDT 2010


56 BN2L 231391 is back from the painter.  The frame and inside panels are painted Reno Red, the outside is in PPG Grey Epoxy for now and will be painted after assembly and final panel fitment.  The Reno Red looks dark in the picture as the car is in the shade.  It is actually quite dark and matches the Pikovnic book and samples I got pretty good.  I might just go a tad lighter for final paint.

A pic taken from my phone at http://www.austin-healey.org/node/2700

Pfew, It only took 6 years to get this far.  I planned a restoration but it turned out more a "rustoration" as frame, floors, footboxes, doglegs, sills, rockers, outriggers, shrouds needed extensive work.  The metalwork was done mostly by Ellery Engel and myself.

The painter, a retired bodyshop-paint teacher who does this to keep himself busy, did a great job on the bodywork taking out the low and high spots without defaulting to filler.  I hope this kind of craftsmanship survives the times.

Some very visible progress at last.


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