[Healeys] Timing cover oil seal leak

S and T Miller stmiller96 at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 12 15:19:58 MDT 2010

The problem:  My 57' 100-6 leaks oil from the front timing cover oil seal
which gets on the pulley and flings the oil inside the engine comp and onto
the underside of the bonnet.  It doesn't do it all the time, but SEEMS to do
it when driven harder and longer.

What I have done:  I removed and replaced the timing cover oil seal (Moss) and
inspected the pully flange surface- it looked ok (no major pitting or
grooves). Now it Still leaks as much oil as before. I have blown through the
air filter hose back through the engine to make sure nothing is clooged and it
seems fine.

What I think may be the issue:  Since it SEEMS to do it when driven harder,
meaning after a harder accel. you can hear the belt slip because oil just got
on it, then the slipping noise goes away as the oil is flung off the belt.  I
think that the engines internal pressure is pushing oil past the seal?  I know
there was alot of talk about the PCV valve to help with the rear main leaking
issue, but has anyone run into the issue with the front timing cover seal?
BTW- I do have the rear main seal kit installed.  Could that be doing its job
and forcing the oil out the front?

Any thoughts?

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