[Healeys] Choke Issue

Steve B. Gerow steveg at abrazosdata.com
Fri Jun 11 23:44:14 MDT 2010

I had the same problem. Turned out the replacement jets I'd installed - the rear one was a little too large in diameter and hung up in the bore, such that when I pushed the choke in, the return spring would not return it to the upright position. This on spotless carbs which had been rebuilt with no internal varnish or gunk.

A giveaway was that the rocker with the mixture screw flopped up and down easily. If the pivot had been corroded like the other poster, the rocker would have likely been stuck.

Removing the domes with the choke in, the front carb jet was down .09" and the rear was .22".

I dismounted the rear carb, removed the jet and found the replacement was approximately .002" larger in diameter than an old jet in my posession, so I sanded the diameter down with sandpaper and now it works correctly.

Steve Gerow
BN6 29D with HD8s

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