[Healeys] choke issue?

Bob Johnson bjsbj8 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 14:32:25 MDT 2010

I had a similar problem. Turned out that the rod that raises and
lowers the ( can't think of the name of the orifice that the needle
fits into right now) was corroded and moved very little if at all when
I choked the car for starting or when I pushed the choke knob in. Made
the car hard to start, hard to keep running when it was hot, and I
always had a gassy smell when driving. Got that straightened out and
now it starts easier, runs better and about 4-5 mpg better mileage.
And this was with the problem effecting one carb. Your prob could be
similar, but with the choke in an even more closed position than mine

Bob Johnson

> poor gas mileage, compared to previous consumption, and when starting,
> with the choke full out, the car starts normally and runs properly for
> about 10 seconds and then begins sputtering and running very ragged and
> adjusting choke does not improve idle condition.  Often it will stall
> and be very hard to restart.

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