[Healeys] Clutch Problem

Mark Schneider mandmschneider at comcast.net
Wed Jun 9 11:57:20 MDT 2010

Following my recent gearbox/overdrive overhaul I experienced problems  
with my clutch.  Due to my ignorance I had overlooked servicing the  
clutch fork shaft bushes.  My BJ8 has 120,000 miles on it so it would  
have been the smart thing to do.  Dumb me.  The result was after total  
reassembly of the drive train and replacement of the interior I began  
to hear an odd noise when the engine was running with the car in  
neutral.  It turned out to be the clutch fork drooping on the worn  
bushes sufficiently to allow the release bearing to touch the first  
motion shaft.  I realize this is not your exact problem but if you  
haven't replaced those bushes on your clutch and there are significant  
miles on the system perhaps the fork is not moving freely.  I  
recommend inspecting the fork movement.  I suggest you remove the  
clevis pin from the slave cylinder rod and test the movement of the  
fork.  If there is any lack of free movement or verttical wobble to  
the fork movement you may need to replace the fork bushes.

Marks 3
'66 BJ8

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