[Healeys] Clutch won't release

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Wed Jun 9 11:56:30 MDT 2010

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> I am in the middle of doing a ground up restoration on a 1959 BN7.  I put
> about 20 miles on the chassis before taking it to the body shop, and the
> clutch worked perfectly.  The chassis sat in a cool, damp corner of the
> body
> shop for 2 months.  After the body was assembled, I went to pick the car
> up,
> and the clutch would not completely release. 
Do you have glycol brake/clutch fluid in the system or silicone? if it's
glycol, there's the possibility that you may have some rust in the clutch
slave cylinder from the time the car was sitting. The same thing happened to
MGB GT when I stored it outside for a few months while not driving it.


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