[Healeys] Off topic: speed limits

Peter Svilans peter.svilans at rogers.com
Sun Jun 6 13:01:34 MDT 2010

<  I also like the 'Stay On The Right Except
To Pass' policy on TX freeways--much less lane-cutting and generally more
civil behavior,   >

Sounds like we have more cowboys up here in Canada than y'all in Texas.

Seems the lane of choice for really agressive drivers up here is the inside
so-called slow lane.  You can be driving in the middle lane, spot your exit up
ahead, check the mirrors, put on your blinkers, move to the right, and get
suddenly blown away by a BMW rocketing out of nowhere and passing you on the
right at a speed faster than the fast lane, and at the last second crossing
the exit ramp lines to bully his way left back into the highway traffic.


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