[Healeys] The Sebring Streamlined 100-Sixs - another piece of interesting info for consideration.

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I believe number 23 was AHS 3804 but I was being cautious as I'm not sure
everyone necessarily agrees. Not sure what the current owners views are. A
lot of the book quotes are repeating the same single sourced piece of
information. Breslauers info is incorrect in that they were 2640cc not

I was particularly interested in comments regarding number 25 being NOJ
393 rebodied and re-engined.

Apparantly the cars were returned to England after the race and Bill Piggott
states that NOJ 393 was sold off in March 1957, which would fit in with it
being sold after return from Sebring.



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> Derek Job wrote:
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>> Information about the race entries states that car number 23 was AHS 3804.
>> A
>> very interesting statement but it hasn't yet been 100% proven.
>> Any comments?
>> Derek
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> The listing from 'TIME AND TWO SEATS' by Janos Wiffen has race no. 23 as
> chassis no. 3804,
> also no. 24 as Austin Healey 100.S
> also no. 25 as Austin Healey 100.S Special
> Wiffen has a total of 2255 pages over two volumes dedicated to recording
> sports car racing.
> We also have these cars listed in Ken Breslaurer's book on the history of
> Sebring as engine capacity of  2680cc and model as 100/6 .
> Publicity wish Healeys no doubt wanted to push the current model - 100/6.
> In 'BAHAMA SPEED WEEKS' by Terry O'Neil for December 1956 races lists No.
> 11 Austin Healey 100/6 to be driven by Stirling Moss and I quote the text "
> It would also appear that an Austin Healey BN2 long nosed car with 100/6
> specification was at Nassau, described as the Bonneville record breaker. It
> is pictured in Tom Burnside's book American Racing"
> At the same event was Austin Healey chassis No. 3804 driven by P Stiles .
> Joe

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