[Healeys] The Sebring Streamlined 100-Sixs - another piece of interesting info for consideration.

Derek Job derek.c.job at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 11:38:50 MDT 2010

In summary we know that the 1956 Bonneville car was SPL 227B clothed in a
streamlined aluminium body of which 3 other examples were built and raced at
Sebring 1957 on chassis that have so far eluded identification..

Information about the race entries states that car number 23 was AHS 3804. A
very interesting statement but it hasn't yet been 100% proven.

Other information mentions that Car number 25 was an Austin Healey
'Special'. But what was special about it? Joe Jarrick has provided
information that the Ferrari engine purchased by DHMC was fitted to a
streamliner, but after Sebring, so number 25 wasn't 'Special' for that

However it is possible that number 25 was one of the Special Test Cars.

Flicking through Bill Pigotts book on the AH 100 I noticed on page 59 a
small photo of a  piece of aluminum stamped 'Racer 25'. This piece is from
AHR7, NOJ 393, chassis number SPL226B. Nobody seems to know why it was
stamped 'Racer 25'.

Is it possible therefor that Sebring car number 25, the AH 'Special' was in
fact SPL 226B and was  stamped 'Racer 25", perhaps later?

I am convinced that the Streamlined racers were definitely 100s fitted with
six cylinder engines, and not 'real' 100-Sixs. If we know that SPL 227B was
given a streamlined body for Bonneville then it seems believable that SPL
226B could have been given one to race at Sebring. It then follows that AHS
3804 was number 23 and that number 24 was possibly also a special test car
or 100S.

Any comments?


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