[Healeys] Re Healey Clubs

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Fri Jun 4 13:10:04 MDT 2010

I keep hearing about "the old guard" not allowing things to progress, or 
keeping new ideas out. These statements are as far as I'm aware, being made 
by people who were not at these meetings, but heard somebody else's 
opinions, etc.
I was an AHCA Delegate back in some of the meetings when unification was 
discussed at length. I can most certainly state that it wasn't up to "the 
old guard" and it wasn't a case of "egos" that was in control of these 
discussions...it was a  collection of Delegates, attending these meetings 
and bringing forward their home chapters wishes on these subjects that made 
the decisions.
Of course there were prominent people that voiced their opinions, perhaps 
swaying some delegates one way or the other, but the final decisions were 
made by the old democratic process called a vote.
Now, other than some pleasant reminiscences about Donald and his visits, can 
we please get back to Healeys?

Rich Chrysler 

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