[Healeys] Re Healey Clubs

John Sims ahbn6 at verizon.net
Fri Jun 4 11:28:54 MDT 2010

As others have said, summed up in one word "ego" No one wants to relinquish
their fiefdom.

John Sims, BN6
Aberdeen, NJ

  Now we are coming up on 2012 and what would have been the 60th and
I do not know what has happened. Are the EGOs to big that no one can
say lets just all get along and have a repeat of the past meets.  Was
the 50th the end of a tradition? I hope not but it will be hard to
revive it in 2022 for the 70th if all these EGOs of we must keep it
the way it was don't allow some changes and some new sites set for
the future.

David Nock
British Car Specialists
Stockton Ca 95205


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