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> 1. I know this is a bit like a 'how long is a piece of string' question,
> but how feasible do you guys think it is to get a good paint match when
> painting the coves to match the main colour of the car.
I'm working on an article now to try to explain why it has become so 
difficult to get paint matches on older cars, having discussed this with the shop 
that fixed my fender -- a very high-end shop, btw.

The problem arises when paint materials change. We went from lacquer to 
something to oil-based with clear coat to water-based with clear coat. With 
each change, it was necessary to use the new materials in an attempt to match 
the old paints. That has become increasingly difficult, as fewer and fewer 
shades are made available. Right now, so they tell me, the number of "toners" 
used to adjust paint shades are many fewer in number with water-based paints 
as required in most states, than was the case just a few years ago with 
oil-based paints, hence it has become very difficult to match a lot of shades 
-- including, I'm told, Healey Blue.

So, if you want an exact match, it can only be done if the paint used 
previously is still available in the same materials -- check with a high-end shop 
to make sure. Otherwise, your only option is to paint the entire car with a 
similar shade in the new material.

Good Luck.

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