[Healeys] Fw: Steering alignment

Martin Jansen jule_enterprisesah at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 20:17:17 MDT 2010

I think we all agree the tight spot should be in the center of travel of the
steering box. This is where the clearance tolerances are at a minimum-least
amount of play in the steering box.
If all the suspension mounting point are symmetrical the front end geometry is
center to the car. the Austin Healey has only toe in & out adjustment and it
is equal. Center should not change.
I suggest you inspect for damage in the areas that your front suspension
attaches to at lower A arms, shock towers, bent frame, damaged front cross
The mounting points must be symmetrical to maintain center point. We have
found this common problem in most of the  400+ Austin Healeys that we have
worked on.

Happy Healeying,   Marty 

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