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Wed Jun 2 19:29:03 MDT 2010

Exactly Gary.

Ken (Freeze) tried an adjustable tie rod on I believe the left side control
rod.  All wearable items being in good shape that seems a likely good way to
get toe in adjustments you want/need and to get the tight spot/peg right too.

Dick Matson / Bj8

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Assuming for the moment that the front suspension components are all in good
condition, meaning the king pin bushings, wheel bearing shimming/adjustment,
tie rod ends & steering worm & peg are all in very good condition, then there
are two adjustments (that I can think of) that can affect "free play" at the
steering wheel. They are shimming of the bearings that support the worm gear &
adjusting of the peg in the worm.

The location of the tight spot is NOT adjustable without altering the toe-in
(unless you have modified the stock steering system). I.E. These two are
directly related.
This means that there is only ONE toe-in setting that will result in the tight
spot being located exactly at the straight ahead position.

Once the toe-in is set, the only way to adjust orientation of the steering
wheel is to reposition it on the splines on the steering column. Doing this
will of course NOT affect the location of the tight spot relative to the
straight ahead position of the steering column.

Gary Hodson

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