[Healeys] Steering alignment

Dick Matson medlabinc at msn.com
Wed Jun 2 10:35:32 MDT 2010

Thanks for the note Ken.

Several years ago I could feel some roughness when turning the steering wheel.

Turned out the top inner worm gear race was pitted.  The inner bearing races
being machined as part of the worm gear I had to replace the steering shaft.
Found a servicable original.  Installed it and new bearings.  The rest of the
box and the peg was fine.

Like you I fiddled with getting the peg on the tight spot with tracking
straight ahead.  I could not get it exact on.  If I remember it is because the
output steering box shaft is 'keyed' at four locations - meaning the steering
arm can go on the output shaft in one of only 4 positions - if I remember.
Anyway the keyed locations were not close enough to get the peg and tight spot
and straight-ahead tracking all in the same spot.  Shimming to set the tight
spot was not an option as there are shims in the steering box on only one end
of the worm.  I didn't want to bend the steering arm to set it.  Could shim
the whole box out from the frame I guess.

It's nice to have the peg, the tight spot and tracking together so that free
play loosens as steering is turned either way from straight ahead.

The box and all will come out thru the grill opening.  As ever,

Dick Matson / Bj8

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Welch probably has one, but I think it is Ahead 4 Healeys.

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Hi Ken.

The new worm gear you're talking about is from - Welch ?

Dick matson / Bj8

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> I made a custom side rod with adjustable ends so I could try to achieve
> perfection in getting the tight spot in the center. It probably wasn't
> worth the bother now that new worms without the tight spot are
> available. Perhaps wear has continued on the peg or something and the
> steering is irritating again after less than 10000 miles. I am going to
> put in a new worm next winter.
> Ken Freese
> 65 BJ8

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