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Stainless steel can be chromed - a friend of mine has chromed his Alfa Romeo
bumpers - they were stainless..


Slightly off topic:

I have recently rechromed a Volvo badge which is chrome base with enamel (or
similar) - sort of like the Healey front badge. The chrome was old, but the
black logo was ok. 

The badge came back from re-chroming and I was surprised to see all the
black enamel there and the chrome was perfect.






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  Now I'm in a real quandry. My plating shop insists on deriveting the

assemblies, stating that the stainless portions won't hold chrome and it

peel and flake off making quite a mess, and also stated that the chromed

up against the stainless pieces will likely not set properly and will not be

able to be polished out properly.


  Meanwhile 7 people replied to my inquiry today, 5 of them stating that

together they had no problems with the plating.


  I have left them with the plater who will be drilling out all the rivets,

and Bob Yule states that it's difficult to rerivet but it can be done and he

has all the rivets in stock. So I'm going to go that route and see what

happens. Hey Bob, want a riveting job??


  Rich Chrysler

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