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I also prefer the Avast free anti-virus software and have tried pretty
much all of them over the years.  I am an IT profession as well and got
tired of paying the major vendors $$ every year. They use to update
virus definition files for free now they want to sell you new software
every year.

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NOT true.
John, I recognize your IT experience is different than my experience.
(But I'm not running for VP.)  I have had one computer negatively
affected by McAfee, and another computer negatively affected by Norton
Symantec.  Not irretrievably in either case, in part because I have more
experience with computers than the average citizen wants to have, but
quite irritating nonetheless.  I don't plan to throw my $$ at either
again.  Avast works just fine; I like it better than AVG since it
doesn't add AVG's irritating tag to outgoing Emails.

I have seen people argue vehemently for one or the other based on a very
small sample size.  I doubt that either AVG or Avast works notably
better than the other in the real world.  And my impression is that that
goes for Symantec & McAfee bloatware as well, certainly not enough
better to warrant the yearly $$.

Richard Thrift

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