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<<If you are a member of the Austin Healey Club  USA,>>

And if you are NOT a Member, Elton, just one MORE reason  to belong
(and I have ALWAYS espoused belonging to BOTH National Clubs)  !!

Then add that there ARE 'local' Chapters (even if the are [as in my  case]
170 miles away<G>) it is STILL worth while belonging  !!

YOU get info such as Articles (which you seek) but dates &  places & times
of various events which may very well NOT be advertised  (which IS, of
course, a real shame <G> [BUT Publicity Chairs only  have so much time] )!!!

Founding Member & Delegate, ILLINI  Chapter-AHCA (REAL close to 30 yrs).
Member & Tech Contact -  AHCUSA
'63 BJ-7 (Hortense THE Healey wearing STD ILL plates    AH  BJ 7    )
Please visit MY site at:         www.justbrits.com

PS:  ALL, have a Happy New Year  !!!!
Healeys at autox.team.net

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