[Healeys] Re-installing Tranny?

Peter Schauss schauss at worldnet.att.net
Tue Dec 30 17:17:25 MST 2008


I have removed and replaced the gearbox on my BJ7 with the engine in place
at least six times, at least four of those times by myself.  With the car on
a lift, I could get the box out in three and a half hours.  Putting it back
probably took about four hours the last time I did it.  Believe it or not,
the hardest part of the process was removing and replacing the parcel shelf.

One thing that I did to make it easier to lift by myself was to remove the
bellhousing after I had separated the gearbox from the engine.

Peter Schauss
1963 BJ7
1980 MGB

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> Thanks all,
> I have also done this twice before with a friend. I was just hoping there
> was
> a magic easy way for one person.
> I won't be pulling the motor and working on the engine compartment at this
> time. I don't want the engine compartment to look better than the rest of
> the
> car! The motor is a solid runner with few leaks. I plan to drive it as is
> for
> several more years until my stocks rebound. (Har har) It will be awhile. I
> also have a restored MGA, a daughter, a driver E-Type, a wife, and two new
> Welsh Corgis that continually need my devotion and dough.
> Alex,
> Was the alignment tool for the clutch or to help you roll the tranny into
> place? If for the tranny where did it come from and what was it shaped
> like?
> "I recall renting an alignment tool, and then bolting the transmission
> back
> in place--all by myself from inside the car. I recall how easy it was."
> I am having my yet to ever be used Bill Bolton lightened flywheel balanced
> finally and ready for install when the tranny issue is sorted.
> Cheers,
> Scott Willis
> Mashed 60 BN7 AH Club USA
> 59 MGA
> 66 E-Type FHC
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> Bowling Green, KY
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