[Healeys] Re-installing Tranny?

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Thanks guys. I have nothing to hang chains from so I suppose it is a wrestle

Scott Willis
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> Scott,
> George Haywood has a lot of good tips on the installation of the gearbox
> back into the car. I will add my 2 cents worth. Assuming the gearbox is out
> of the car and the engine is supported as needed from under the car, I
> always suspend the gearbox/overdrive assembly from above with a chain falls
> and soft rope slung around the adapter plate of the o/d. On the 6 cylinder
> roadster, you'll want to protect the top of the windscreen from being
> scratched by the chain or rope as it lines up right behind the windscreen.
> This seems to almost be the balance point of the gearbox assembly with a
> slight weight bias to the front. Place the gearbox/o/d assembly across the
> floor of the car with the bell housing on the passenger's side. Sling the
> rope as above, and lift the assembly slightly off the floor. This
> arrangement allows you to press down on the tail flange with your hand to
> achieve balance, pivot the whole assembly and guide it gently into the
> cavity. Place the gearbox into 4th gear so you can rotate the tail flange
> and guide the input shaft splines into the clutch splines. Suspending
> in this way from above wll allow you to tilt the load to the left to clear
> the starter motor bulge at the bulkhead flange, then simply start the
> splines, then sitting on the fixed portion of the tunnel, place both feet
> the bell housing and push the assembly home. Install the bolts as required
> keeping in mind the dowel bolts placed at 11 o'clock and 5 o'clock as viwed
> from in the car looking forward.
> I've done this many times by myself once the gearbox is lifted into the car
> and sits across the floor as described above.
> Rich Chrysler
> Subject: [Healeys] Re-installing Tranny?
>> Hi folks,
>> I pulled my tranny yesterday to sort the problems I am having in 1st and
>> reverse.
>> Question:
>> What is the best way to wrestle the tranny back into place once I have the
>> tranny sorted? It was hell getting it out. I cannot imagine doing it with
>> a
>> restored car without nicking and scraping something. I used a little floor
>> jack and a board to keep it from dropping. What is the best way to keep it
>> level when I reinstall it?
>> Weakly yours,
>> Scott Willis
>> Mashed 60 BN7 AH Club USA
>> 59 MGA
>> 66 E-Type FHC

Its the same Hotmail.. If by same you mean up to 70% faster.

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