[Healeys] Re-installing Tranny?

Peter Schauss schauss at worldnet.att.net
Sun Dec 28 13:20:20 MST 2008


Having had my gearbox in and out several times, I can say that there is no
real magic.  I put scissors jack under the engine so that I could make fine
adjustments to the angle and, as you did, a floor jack under the gearbox.
Then it is just a matter of getting the first motion shaft to line up with
the splines on the clutch and pilot bushing on the end of the crankshaft.
You also have to rotate the gearbox a bit to get the bell housing through
the opening in the firewall.

I always remove the seats, carpeting, and the parcel shelf (and thank my
stars that I bought a BJ7 instead of BJ8 so that I don't have to fuss with
the center console).

Peter Schauss
1963 BJ7
1980 MGB

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> Hi folks,
> I pulled my tranny yesterday to sort the problems I am having in 1st and
> reverse.
> Question:
> What is the best way to wrestle the tranny back into place once I have the
> tranny sorted? It was hell getting it out. I cannot imagine doing it with
> a
> restored car without nicking and scraping something. I used a little floor
> jack and a board to keep it from dropping. What is the best way to keep it
> level when I reinstall it?
> Weakly yours,
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