[Healeys] 100-6 Horn Button on a BT&

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Just remember the book I suggested about the decline of the British auto

Arrogance and the customer be damned attitude killed the industry.

I have a great example of that attitude. It is called the MGC. It was just a
few tweaks away from being a great road car, but out it went with almost no
handling, and a weak 6 cylinder engine. The Healey BT7 engine is so much
better than the C, it is pitiful. Then BMC had the gall to suggest rebadging
the C as a Healey. EEECH!

New Spax shocks all around, and an uprated front roll bar tamed the beast,
but with that lump of iron, it never would handle like B, and definitely not
like a Healey. I did 968 miles from Pensacola, FL, to Downers Grove. IL in
18 hours. Loved every minute of it.


On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 9:38 PM, John Sims <ahbn6 at verizon.net> wrote:

> I guess that this string just bears out the fact that at that time, the
> various Brit entities were interested in building cars using whatever was
> at
> hand rather than considering what owners 50 years later would think proper
> standards should have been at particular cut off dates.
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> My early Bt7 had a 100-6 horn button. It apparently isn't well know that
> the
> factory simply used up noncritical old parts when a model change took
> place.
> I guess they didn't think the correct horn button was critical.
> I replace mine with another 100-6 horn button.
> Jack
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