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Material can be removed from the bearing but must be flat, reasonably smooth and parallel to the pivot axis. Using the previously mentioned 1 1/4" dimension should work. Flat belt or large disc sander with a couple different grits should do the job. Remove a bit and measure often.

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What is the "fix" for these thicker release bearings?.... Does one have to 
measure them pre-installation and then take them someplace to be ground 


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As an aside to this, some of the newer Country brand release bearings for 
the 9 1/2" clutch have been 1/8 inch or more thicker than the standard. 
This causes a constant contact on the carbon when first installed and as a 
result a smoky clutch.  Reference: See my email request of six+ months ago. 
The bearing wears down quickly but as a result destroys the tight fit on the 
carbon doughnut and subsequent bearing failure. No fun! 

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