[Healeys] BJ8 Starter

Mr. Bill bn1 at pacbell.net
Sun Dec 21 11:54:00 MST 2008

Hi all,

I had Eric at Absolutely British put one on my BN1, so I don't know if 
he had to do anything special.  I love it.  Car fires right up even 
after sitting for a while.  I'd certainly recommend going with the gear 

Merry Christmas and a Healey New Year to everyone!

'53 BN1 #663

WILLYS49 at aol.com wrote:
> Jon and all,
> The gear reduction starter was highly recommended by many in A-H forum. Since
> I was replacing my clutch, I decided to put in a new flywheel ring gear along
> with the new geared starter. The problem I encountered was that the new
> starter (since it uses a solenoid to thrust the gear end   forward into the
> ring
> gear) would not mesh. The new ring gear is only beveled on the transmission
> side
> and works great with the original bendix type starter that draws the starter
> gear back into this side of ring gear. The new geared starter unless perfectly
> aligned just bangs up against the square cut side of ring gear.
> Are ring gears normally only beveled or tapered on one side? Should this
> geared starter work? I left several email messages with British Starters but
> never
> got a response.
> Don't know if this helps decision. Just my experience as a novice.
> Eric
> Also, everyone have a great Holiday!
> In a message dated 12/21/08 9:52:47 AM, STOCKLAND at aol.com writes:
>> Fellows, I need to replace the starter on my BJ8.  Maybe you can help  me
>> with the following questions.
>> What is the difference between a geared starter and regular starter?
>> Are there any special things I should know when removing the starter and 
>> installing the new one?

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