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WILLYS49 at aol.com WILLYS49 at aol.com
Sun Dec 21 11:33:29 MST 2008

Jon and all,
The gear reduction starter was highly recommended by many in A-H forum. Since
I was replacing my clutch, I decided to put in a new flywheel ring gear along
with the new geared starter. The problem I encountered was that the new
starter (since it uses a solenoid to thrust the gear end   forward into the
gear) would not mesh. The new ring gear is only beveled on the transmission
and works great with the original bendix type starter that draws the starter
gear back into this side of ring gear. The new geared starter unless perfectly
aligned just bangs up against the square cut side of ring gear.
Are ring gears normally only beveled or tapered on one side? Should this
geared starter work? I left several email messages with British Starters but
got a response.
Don't know if this helps decision. Just my experience as a novice.

Also, everyone have a great Holiday!

In a message dated 12/21/08 9:52:47 AM, STOCKLAND at aol.com writes:

> Fellows, I need to replace the starter on my BJ8.  Maybe you can help  me
> with the following questions.
> What is the difference between a geared starter and regular starter?
> Are there any special things I should know when removing the starter and 
> installing the new one?
> Where would you suggest that I purchase the new starter?
> Thanks for your help and Merry Christmas.
> Jon
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