[Healeys] Osculating Vibration-Rear End BJ8

pennell at cox.net pennell at cox.net
Wed Dec 17 15:58:19 MST 2008


I had a vibration in my BJ8 for 25+ years and did several things to address it.  Not much difference.  Then there was a discussion a few years back about out of round and out of balance brake drums.  I  borowed my mechanics old bubble balancer and some weights.  Sure enough!  Both were definitely not balanced.  I proceeded to balance them by welding some 1/4 rod on the perimeter and then grinding to get the best balance I could.  (  It took 1-2 ounces on each one.)  NO MORE SHAKE!  And I have run it up to 90 or so!  Worked out so well I did likewise to the drums on my BN7 and it is much smoother as well.

I would suggest you at least verify that yours are balanced before you go tearing into the diff or tranny.

Keith Pennell

> Anyone ever had a rear end vibration at that osculates every 2 or 3 seconds
> in OD at about 60 MPH.  It almost feels like the rear end differential gears
> are not matched up.  A small amount of noise is emitted but I would not call
> it a growl.  After I let off the gas and then continue at 60 it seems to get
> better but is still there.  Cannot rule out the transmition but it seems to
> be coming from the back.  It's been like this for many years.  Tried
> tighting the pinion nut and replaced the seal which was leaking.
> Dan

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