[Healeys] traficator

Ronald Corazzo roncorazzo02 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 16 23:05:42 MST 2008

Back ground;
Had my traficator gone through and rewired.  Cleaned up the bakelite and
plastic horn center myself. Unfortunately I did not re -chrome the turn signal
at that time.  I decided to take it apart and get the turn signal re chromed.
Removed the plastic and paper protecting it and the bakelite part of the
traficator was broken in peaces.  I glued it together with supper glue(gel).
I had model glue but that does not dry fast enough.    I Used the model glue
on one of the tabs that broke off on the horn part.

My question is I would like it reinforced so it wonbt fall apart after prime
it and getting it painted.  Any ideas?

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