[Healeys] Healey 1/2 car on Ebay

Randy Hicks Healey100M at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 18:58:30 MST 2008

Hi Randy, that Healey was a Factory 100M and was restored by  
Fourintune a number of years ago. It is now for sale in CA for $142,900.

Without the condiments!  :-)



Randy Hicks
'56 100M
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'65 BJ8
'53 MGTD
Healey100M at gmail.com

On Dec 15, 2008, at 7:01 PM, Randy Dickson wrote:

> Fellow Healeyoids,
> I would like to just bolt the trailer to my basement wall and make a  
> bar out
> of it.  That reminds me.  There used to be a restaurant in Kansas  
> City and
> it had a Healey for the salad bar.  Condiments in the boot.  I would  
> have
> rigged it so that you put your salad under the sump and depress the  
> throttle
> to get your salad oiled.
> Randy
> Healey-Archaeologist
> 60 BT7
> 63 BJ7
> 66 Cobra replica
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