[Healeys] clutch question

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun Dec 14 09:15:10 MST 2008

The clutch on my BJ8 is smooth and requires only slightly more pedal 
force than the clutch on my late model Mustang.

Though I haven't tried it myself, I think your attempts to test the 
clutch by manually pressing on the fork lever may be misleading.  There 
is a great deal of mechanical and hydraulic advantage exerted by the 
clutch pedal and master and slave cylinders, probably more than you can 
exert by hand with even a large pry bar.   I have a new, uninstalled 
clutch cover and for a test I put it on a concrete floor and stood on 
the release bearing surface on one leg.  My (nearly) 190 pounds only 
moved the bearing surface a sixteenth of an inch or so; even bouncing on 
the surface didn't cause much more movement. 

The diaphragm clutch in BJ8s is butt-simple and reliable; I can't think 
of any installation error that would cause it to not be workable 
(though, having said that, someone will prove me wrong ;).  Since 
disengaging the clutch involves retracting the pressure plate, about the 
only thing that could cause a problem is something jammed between the 
plate and the clutch cover.   Not likely, unless your mechanic left a 
screwdriver or wrench in there.


mailmaineguide.com wrote:
> Can anyone tell me how much force is needed to manually disengage a clutch? I
> have just mated my tranny and engine and attempted to work the clutch fork
> lever to no avail, the fork moves freely until the release bearing meets the
> pressure plate but I cannot move it any further, I even tried a long pry bar
> until I was afraid of breaking the fork. I did not install the clutch and now
> wonder if it might be defective or installed improperly. Many thanks.
> Brad Holden
> 67 BJ8
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