[Healeys] Speaking of the M modification..

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Wed Dec 10 22:17:34 MST 2008

A number if years ago, around about 1985, I had a '54 BN1 and when purchased 
it came with a full set of period original "over the dealer counter" Austin 
performance parts as listed in a 1954 printed booklet, i.e. long before a 
"factory M" model was ever thought of. These parts were essentially known as 
the Lemans kit parts, and over the years there has been absolutely nothing 
wrong or false about installing any or all of these parts on your Hundred to 
enhance whatever part of your enjoyment of the car you wish to satisfy. I 
built up my '54 BN1 and installed these parts on it. It seemed I was for 
ever defending to the thickos the fact that it's quite correct to have done 
so, and no, it's NOT a factory M.

Now as for the "Factory M", please note that with the new six cylinder car 
on the horizon, the Warwick boys came up with a brilliant marketing idea 
whereas these about to be orphaned Lemans parts were installed on approx. 
640 production cars that were taken from the (by that time) BN2 line, the 
resulting cars being marketed as a new model, the 100M. Sort of kills two 
birds with one stone....in 1955, the about to be discontinued BN2 and the 
orphaned kit parts could be marketed as a more desireable "new " interum 
model... the 100M.

When this entire situation is examined objectively, it be comes a bit 
ridiculous to me why there has been so much fuss and that much extra value 
placed on the 100M, i.e. the ones that had the kit bits installed "over 
there" so they could use up the parts.
One last interesting point....the only "certification" we seem to have from 
BMIHT about these "factory M's" is that it's recorded on the build card that 
they were fitted with a louvered bonnet.

Just some thoughts to contemplate....

Rich Chrysler
AHCA Hundred Registrar

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