[Healeys] Speaking of the M modification..

Douglas W Flagg dwflagg at juno.com
Wed Dec 10 16:40:50 MST 2008

Bingo!!! You get the prize. It comes right down to the fact that instead
of being happy, or even feeling privileged, to own one of the most
beautiful sports cars ever built, many feel a need to "improve" what
Donald Healey built. I would use the word pollute, but dilute is just as
good. I wonder what will happen to the marque when the Rich Chrylsers,
Roger Moments, Norman Nocks and others like them are gone. Will the sole
example of a "pure" 100 be in a museum? Is the future of the Healey a
Smitty's conversion transmission, fuel injection, air conditioning, ipods
and such, until we now longer recognize what we are driving? 

> Then again, I have heard that one Healey specialist once said " I 
> have sold
> more 100M's than Donald Healey ever did"
> seems like every other 100 is a M thats why the price and rarity has 
> diluted.

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