[Healeys] Antivirus comparison OFF-TOPIC -Don't reply to list.

Ed's Shop shop at justbrits.com
Tue Dec 9 13:58:15 MST 2008

<<I couldn't care less about anti virus programs.>>

So, one can surmise you are a user of MINORITY Mac, Al.

<<I don't use them>>

Best go back to school and LEARN that there ARE virus/trojans written
JUST for Mac (and YOU).  Now personally, I don't care if you do get one and
it eats your hard drive but I certainly DO hope your ADD. Book does not get
'harvested' and all of a sudden all of US get bombed with bogus mail from

<<and don't understand why you had to bomb the list with this crap.>>

I'm with Tom, don't you think that's a bit 'over the top'??

I would venture to guess that Listers are PC Users somewhere around
90% - 95%;
ergo, the MARKED "OFF TOPIC" is NOT (IMHO) "bomb(ing) the list..."


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