[Healeys] 100 blown gasket?

kaynmike.bham at juno.com kaynmike.bham at juno.com
Tue Dec 9 09:58:01 MST 2008

We drive this car through the year when streets are dry. Yesterday was out to
get the oil changed and it starts running quite rough. Cancelled the
choke-seemed a bit better, but not running on all four. On the way back it got
progressively worse. I'm thinking a plug wire is not right, though I checked
them at the oil shop. The car did not like any work and sort of "pinged" if
strained at all. Got the car back in the garage (1.25 mile round trip downhill
there,up back) and sort of idling and saw WATER droplets coming out of the
tailpipe! Blown head gasket? (Do not reply with the dreaded words.."cracked
mike gougeon 56 bn2

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